Lion Heart is exactly the same as CC's Paladin.

  • You can hire him for 1200 shards, but you get a "Lion Heart Card" gift pack every day 11 of 30 in the Daily Rewards. This is listed under Gift Packs in the Warehouse rather than the Hero tab. This can be sold for 500 honor or opened for a level one Lion Heart (not a Lion Heart hero card that might be sold for shards), 5 Crystal Pearl Essence (3k total hero skill exp) and 10 Tome I (10k total hero exp).
  • The more powerful ATK debuffers in CoD make Lion Heart slightly more useful than Paladin, but you will eventually replace him on your hero bases and lock him in a tower.
  • Because you get level one Lion Hearts inside of cards, cannibalism should be used to double the skill experience for tower purple power. (I.e. keep your best Lion Heart talent and feed the other Lion Hearts to him.)