The CoD version mostly works almost exactly the same as the CC Quest Board.

  • Consume any Sacrifice accepts consumption of essence instead of just clams, saving one hero altar slot.
  • Quest Board calls elite dungeons expert dungeons and uses the same term for expert dungeons.
  • Destroy X number of building type Y quests can be fulfilled with Guild Wars raids.
  • Free daily and karma hero rolls don't count towards any hire heroes quests (or events for that matter).
  • Change a hero talent quest requires a gem bought or carded talent roll. The talent doesn't have to be applied to any hero and can just take storage space or be sold off. Either way the 300 gems are awarded.
  • Here Be Monsters can drop a lot of random Water (or Gold) into your storage so it's best to do those as much as you dare then run Dungeon quests to reach just enough Water to buy a Legendary Hero Card. (Or Gold to build something.)