Resources are used for various things, such as purchasing and upgrading Buildings, Heroes, and Troops, as well as speeding up production and upgrade times.

Basic ResourcesEdit


Mana Gold and Water are the main collectable resource and are used to hire troops, start a guild, and buy upgrades, spells and traps. A small fee, based on your might level, is collected every time you initiate an attack

against another player.


Shard Honor Badges Fire Honor Badges and Fire are specifically used for Heroes, while Shards can be used to both purchase Heroes and be converted into Guild Credits to activate the Guild Boss or buy Research.


Might Might is the display of your overall ability, and used to determine your skill level in the Player Ranking list. Might is acquired through Buildings, Heroes, Troops and Spells. The Skill/Talent level of a Hero also contributes to your Might level.

Traps and Walls do not add to your Might level.


Merits Merits is recently added as one of the most important resources. It can be gained in Hero Expeditions Event and can be use to trade Honor Badges Template:It, Shards Template:It, Gold Template:It, Mana Template:It and Experience Books in Warehouse.

Crystals Edit

Red CrystalsEdit


Red crystals are earned by winning battles in the Lost Realm. The amount of crystals awarded in each battle won is based on the number and difficulty of the opponent heroes.

Blue CrystalsEdit


Blue crystals are obtained through Crystal Mines, Battle Altars, and through Blue Crystal packs, which are randomly awarded by treasure chests. Blue Crystal Mines can be leveled, and their generation rate and storage are raised at each level, the maximum level for a crystal mine is the same as your lost realm level.



Fame is a resource used to purchase items required to upgrade a Hero's Talent, or to Evolve a Hero. (Evo1 costs 1000 Fame and Evo2 5000 Fame) Fame can also be used to purchase a Level 5 Talent Chest. Fame can be obtained by winning battles on Lost Battlefield, by purchasing heroes with Gems Template:Icon Template, or by purchasing a new talent. Fame is also given as a reward in Guild Wars and Fortress Feud.