These work exactly the same as CC's Team Dungeons.

  • Storm Mesa is called Deadlands.
  • Lava Isle is called Oasis.


It is possible to make a level-120 shardable team for Deadlands-1, if all four players bring Suriel. For example:

  • 4x Suriel to boost ATK, keep each other and the other 16 proccing.
  • 4x Cleric to also boost ATK and heal the team.
  • 4x Ignito to multiply up ATK boosts with multiple attacks.
  • 4x Sun Maiden to reduce Boss ATK and proc at damage cap.
  • 2x Doomrider to protect against stuns.
  • 1x Nephthys to snipe the remote monsters.
  • 1x Marid to level all the distant towers.