The Workshop in Clash of Desert is a new building not currently found in Castle Clash. It is used to create Equipment which consists only of armor that can be equipped by heroes and damaged equipment which can only be sold off.


Only one Workshop cam be built. It requires 500 Water and 10 seconds to build. It has 5000 hit points and can't be leveled up.

Craft EquipmentEdit

Stop crafting

Hitting Sell will halt crafting.

Random level one Equipment is instantly crafted by spending Blue Crystals or Gems in the Workshop.

More experienced Blacksmiths (who produce better quality armor, at a higher price in Blue Crystals) can be cycled through by placing orders with less experienced Blacksmiths, or the Legendary Blacksmith can be hired with gems (instead of waiting to reach him for hire with Blue Crystals). Once the desired blacksmith is reached he can be instructed to Mass Craft up to the limits of crafting space or resources for crafting.

Each Workshop can craft up to a dozen items (some of which could be duplicates of others) before these have to be sold off (individually or by class, say all ordinary equipment and materials), damaged materials for some of the blue crystals used to make them, equipment for steel, and the rest collected into storage.



Conqueror gets bonus stats from armor.

Each hero can be equipped with one each of
Type Hero level Notes
1 breastplate 41+ Adds HP, some add ATK
1 helmet 61+ Adds HP, some add Crit Resist
1 set of bracers 81+ Adds ATK and either CRIT or ACC
1 pair of boots 101+ Adds HP or ATK

These limits are the same no matter how many heads or feet the hero has.

If a hero is qualified to wear a given type of armor, but isn't currently equipped with that type then the blank area will have a green plus sign (+) button to display the available choices, or none if no such armor is in storage. Click the same button again to return to the hero view and navigation between heroes.

There are icons at the bottom of a hero's Attribute and Equipped by windows to flip between their Workshop and Altar displays.

In order to consume a hero you must first strip her of her armor, just as you have to remove her crests.


Blacksmiths create random level one armor that can then be instantly and safely refined to higher levels at a fixed cost in Steel.

Steel cost to refine level one to level two or sell level one equipment
Brand Class Refine Sell Notes
Damaged Equipment - - - Sell back for 200 blue crystals
Lupine Ordinary 5 7 light defense
Draco Ordinary 5 7 light defense and offense
Astro Elite 12 50 Medium HP boosts
Leo Elite 12 50 Mix of defense and offense
Elegant Elite 12 ? Boon, 15% to deal 50% attack damage to 1 random enemy Troop, Hero, or Building. More rare to craft than Mythic
Eagle Elite 12
Shadow Elite 12
Desert Legend 20 200 Good defense
Guardian's Legend 20 200 Good defense and offense
Emir's Mythic 30 650 Exchanged for mystery metal or rarely crafted
Caliph's Mythic 30 650 Exchanged for mystery metal or rarely crafted

The cost per level to refine increases at higher equipment levels. The effect of each item seems to be the level one effect multiplied by the equipment level so level ten gear provides exactly ten times the boost of level one gear.

Equipment can only be upgraded to the current Sanctum level of the account.

Cost in steel to refine

Level Ordinary Elite Legendary Mythic
1 20 30
2 28 42
3 40 60
4 56 84
5 76 114
6 104 156
7 148 222
8 212 318
9 296 444
10 400 444
11 528 600
12 656 792
13 784 984
14 1176
15 1040 1368
16 1240 1860
17 1440 2160
18 2460
19 2760
20 2040 3060
25 3440
26 3800 5700


The Workshop can hold multiple copies of twenty distinct items of equipment of the same type and level. The same type of equipment at different levels require multiple storage slots. Additional storage slots over the base twenty can be purchased at 50 gems for five additional slots.


  • Be careful when raiding against non-auto revite auto-procers wearing energy boosting armor.